Acana Singles Free Run Duck 11.4kg

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Acana Duck & Bartlette Pear

Features richly nourishing duck as a single source animal ingredient. Free of chicken, eggs, dairy or fish, Acana Duck & Bartlett Pear features free-run Canadian duck raised on natural grains and well water, and sun-ripened Okanagan Valley pears – all delivered fresh each day to nourish your dog completely.

Key Benefits:

Loaded with 30% of healthful fruits & vegetables: including Red Delicious apples, spinach greens, butternut squash, Burbank potatoes, and a full 10% of Bartlett Pears – delivered fresh (never frozen, no preservatives) from the sun-drenched Okanagan valley.
Low Glycemic Low Carbohydrate : Rich in protein and low in carbohydrates to match your dogs natural diet, Acana Large breed is free of high glycemic grains such as rice and corn.
Associated with Obesity and Diabetes: High glycemic grains break down quickly, causing a rapid and large rise in blood sugar. That's why low glycemic and hypoallergenic steel-cut oats are Acanas only source of grain.
Locally Grown: our steel-cut oats are digested slowly, causing blood sugar to rise less over a longer period of time, time so sensitivity to insulin is beneficially increased, and fat storage is decreased.
Luxuriant Skin and Coat: We infused each morsel with with marine-source Omega 3 from wild-caught New Brunswick herring to support your dog's immunity and luxuriant skin & hair coat – your dog's outer symbol of health and vitality.
Enhanced Metabolism: Acana features organic sea vegetables and botanicals – including juniper berries, lavender flowers, sun-cured alfalfa and peppermint leaf to enhance metabolism while nourishing and toning your dog's digestive tract.

Made Specifically for: All breeds life stages