Aqua One Aquis Canister Filter 500L/Hr

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Aqua One CF500 Aquis Canister Filter 500L/hr

Aqua One Canister Filters offer exceptional performance, and great value for money

Complete with both biological and mechanical filter media contained in lift-out media baskets.

Suitable for up to 120 litre tank

Other features include:
* 1.Flow rate 500 L/hr
* 2.Power consumption 10.5 watt
* 3.Filter volume 2.3 litres
* 4.Maximum head height 1.5 m
* 5.Canister size:30H x 20W x 20D cm.
* Quiet, enery efficient and powerful.
* Ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums.
* Modular design for a variety of filter media.

* Ceramic impellor shaft for smooth,silent running and longer impellor life.
* Seperate lift-out filter media baskets.
*Shut-off taps and quick-release clips to make cleaning quick and easy.
* Complete with all hoses,fittings and spray bar.
* Designed for optimum filtration volume in a compact size.
* Removable cap in cannister head for priming or air-release.