Dozers Toothbrush Treat Small 18pk

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Dozers Dental Chews for Dogs are made with 100% all natural ingredients to promote fresh breath in your canines. With their unique texture, these chews can help keep your dog's teeth healthy and clean by removing tartar and plaque with each bite. With curved bristles to clean teeth and gums and a raised area to help clean the tongue, each area of your pup's mouth can be reached! To make it even more fun, the hollow pockets can be filed with a special treat for your dog to further enjoy!

Premium pet retail store environments
No fillers, artificial colors or preservatives
Made with eight all-natural, wholesome ingredients that work to combine flavor and design
Fresh and clean aroma that encourages excellent dental hygiene
Firm texture that encourages chew time
Unique shapes that gets in-between teeth and scrubs them clean
Multiple sizes and shapes differentiated by bag color, for ease of customer reorder
Low in fat
Easy to read packaging
Made in U.S.A.