SD Dog Puppy 3kg

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Hill's Science Diet Puppy pet food gives your puppy the right balance of essential nutrients to start your puppy off right. An ideal combination of tasty ingredients helps a puppy's body grow strong and healthy. It is enhanced with natural DHA, an Omega-3 fatty acid vital in the development of the brain and nervous system in puppies. Science Diet Puppy gives your dog the foundation for a lifetime of good health. Also great for pregnant and nursing dogs.

Key Benefits:

Superior Antioxidant Formula: Promotes a healthy immune system to give puppies a great start in life.
Antioxidants are known to help slow cell oxidation.
Enhanced with Natural DHA: Important for brain and vision development.
Naturally Preserved: Mixed tocopherols (a form of vitamin E) preserve freshness and great taste.
Nourishing Fatty Acids: Helps maintain proper function of nervous and immune systems, as well as promote healthy skin and shiny coat.
High-Quality Protein: Helps build strong bones and muscles, and ensure optimal growth and development.
Digestible Carbohydrates: Supply abundant energy for active puppies, while promoting gentle digestion.
Vitamins and Minerals: Provide an ideal balance of vitamins and minerals for growing puppies.