Fido"s Shampoo Emu Oil 250ml

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Fido"s Shampoo Emu Oil 250ml
The luxurious, soap free, super conditioning Fidos Emu Oil Shampoo adds gloss and shine to all types of coat. Gentle, soap-free formula ideal for all skin types including puppies. Safe for frequent use. Non-irritating for dry or sensitive skin. Suitable for use with topical flea and tick treatments - no need to reapply treatment afterwards. Contains deeply nourishing Australian Emu Oil. Smells good enough to eat! A fresh, clean, sweet scent, like fruity lollies. We reckon it smells like Fruit Burst lollies!

For best results, leave for 5 minutes before rinsing off and drying but can lather and rinse out straight away instead. Can be used in a hydrobath, diluted at a rate of 30ml per 30 litre tank, so is super economical. Can be used as often as weekly - or more often if needed - as will not dry or strip the coat.