Our Frozen Meats


Premium Pet food specialists, Petsmart.nz's point of difference is our vast frozen meat range.

There is nothing more annoying than a slab of pet meat going to waste in the fridge, as it has been unfrozen but is too big to get through. To combat this the frozen meat range comes in convenient free flow daily sized portions, you can just take what you need out of the freezer, not the whole lot, keeping you and your pet happier.

Our top quality, healthy and nutritional food includes chicken, beef, lamb and even salmon, venison or rabbit, novel protein meats which are good for animals with sensitive stomachs and skin allergies.

There are also tasty combinations your pets will love, such as, chicken & vegetables, salmon & lamb, lamb & heart, veal & heart, venison mix and Supreme mix mince which contains a balance of beef, chicken, fish, tripe and organs.

For healthy teeth we also have beef, lamb bones and chicken necks.

We endevour to always have a full range but sometimes supply of novel protein can be seasonal.

For the canine in your family there is a large selection of dog rolls available.

Frozen Pet Food Menu

Diced Meat & Pieces

Beef Chunks $11.95
Green Tripe Chunks  $11.95
Salmon Pieces  $13.95
Wallaby Pieces ** $17.95
Rabbit Pieces ** $19.95


Bones & Necks

Chicken Necks $9.95
Beef Neck Bones $8.95
Lamb Bones $7.95



Fine & Coarse Mince Meat

Chicken Mince $9.95
Beef Fine Mince $11.95
Lamb Tripe Mince  $11.95
Veal & Heart Mince $12.95
Veal & Organ Mix Mince $12.95
Supreme Dog Mince $10.95
Chicken & Vegetable $9.95
Beef Coarse Mince $11.95
Senior Mix Mince $11.95
Chicken & Heart Mince ** $11.95
Lamb Heart Mix Mince $10.95
Venison Turkey Mix Mince $11.95
Wallaby Mince ** $19.95
Hare Mince  ** $19.95
Rabbit & Chicken Mince $13.95
Salmon & Chicken Mince $12.95
Salmon Mince ** $13.95
Lamb & Salmon Mince $12.95
Ulimate Lamb Mince $11.95
Ultimate Mix Mince $10.95






























Prices are all per kilogram and subject to change

All served in free flow bags for easy portion selection

** Some Novel Proteins can be limited supply and not always in stock

All our meat is sourced from MPI Licensed suppliers.

 Petsmart.nz are also stockists of K9 Natural Frozen